Take Back Control of Your Computer

Take Back Control of Your Computer

Count on Texarkana Computer for a motherboard replacement in Texarkana, AR serving Texarkana, TX

When your PC starts to fail, it can mean a number of potential problems that have been building up over time. At Texarkana Computer, LLC, we offer laptop and desktop motherboard replacement for PC computers. We'll come to your home and give you a personalized service at a low, reasonable cost.

To learn more about our desktop and laptop motherboard replacement, call us today at 870-773-3705.

Replace your motherboard now to save trouble later

When you install a new motherboard into your laptop or desktop computer you are essentially giving it the updated system that your computer has been needing. At Texarkana Computer we can walk you through the process of both a laptop motherboard replacement and a desktop motherboard replacement for your PC computers. Motherboard replacements are great for when you need to:


  • Upgrade your processor, but your current motherboard does not match that of the processor being installed
  • Make room for additional memory space
  • Add additional features that your current motherboard does not provide

At Texarkana Computer we know this can be a difficult decision. To help you through the process, call us today for motherboard replacement in the Texarkana, AR & Texarkana, TX area.